BLM Statement

In Wyoming, and at Cavalryman Steakhouse, we live by the Code of the West (  That Code requires us to Ride For The Brand.

Our Brand is Wyoming.  And Wyoming is not only a place and a way of life, it’s the people that make it up.  All of them.

When any of those people are being treated poorly, we Do What Has To Be Done and stand with them.  We are Tough, But Fair and ask others to be the same.

Black Lives Matter.

Our Equality State has many times forgotten that.  It’s time we look at ourselves and remember our Code.  And stand with all of our people and work toward earning our Equality State title.

Live Each Day With Courage.  We respectfully ask that you learn our history.  Then stand up, speak out.  Let’s together declare that racism is no longer accepted in Wyoming.

Then let’s Talk Less And Say More by stamping it out.

Come join us and celebrate what Wyoming was, is and can be.

Let’s ride!

JT & The Cav Team