Alfred Jacob Miller’s “Breakfast at Sunrise”

Breakfast at Sunrise

Artist Alfred Jacob Miller’s watercolor titled “Breakfast at Sunrise” captured this image during the annual fur trader’s rendezvous  held in the Green River Valley in Western Wyoming in 1837.

“At four o’clock in the morning, it is the duty of the last men on guard to loosen the horses from their pickets, in order to range and feed. At daylight, everybody is up;- our provisors are busy with preparations for breakfast;- tents and lodges are collapsed, suddenly thrown down, wrapped up, and bundled into the wagons. If the sun is 20 minutes above the horizon when our breakfast is finished, we conceive he has a reproachful look. By this time the horses are driven in, and each man hurries after his own, saddles or harnesses him, and the train puts itself en route.” A.J. Miller, extracted from “The West of Alfred Jacob Miller”

Miller’s watercolors are a unique record of the closing years of the western fur trade.

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