Fort Sanders History

Gen. William Selby Harney

William Selby Harney was a well-known cavalry officer of the Indian Wars who worked for peace with the Native Americans by advocating a good neighbor policy. He strove throughout his career to improve the nation’s treatment of the native population.  The Crows gave him the name “Man-who-runs-like-the-deer” after he challenged them to foot races outside the walls of the fort. … Continue reading Gen. William Selby Harney


The Guard House

The guardhouse is the single substantially intact building remaining on the site of the Fort Sanders military reservation. The establishment of Laramie City in the spring of 1868, situated about three miles north of the Fort Sanders post, prompted the construction of the guardhouse. As Laramie’s economy boomed, desertion rates at Fort Sanders soared. Drunkenness and boisterousness ran … Continue reading The Guard House



An unidentified soldier of the 3rd Cavalry stationed at Fort Sanders taken circa 1872 (Howard Photographers, Fort Sanders, Wyoming). One can often identify an era by uniforms or clothing worn. Learn more about uniforms through trapdoor collectors. Learn more about the history of Fort Sanders. Sources