Wyoming Railroads

Jack Casement –The Brigadier General Who Built the Railroad

When Grenville Dodge was appointed as Chief Engineer in charge of overseeing the engineering and planning of the transcontinental railroad in 1866, he hired the Casement Brothers as his contractors. Jack Casement was in charge of the actual construction of the transcontinental railroad and his brother Dan oversaw accounting and payroll, occasionally dipping into his … Continue reading Jack Casement –The Brigadier General Who Built the Railroad


Railroad Workers

To construct the railroad, groups of workers shoveled the earth to create mounds of dirt and gravel. Other workers laid down the ties that held up the tracks. These groups worked in tandem, racing through the mountains to meet up with the Union Pacific Railroad. Learn more about the men who built the Transcontinental Railroad.  Resources


Railroad Tunnels

Railroad engineers used dynamite to blast through mountains to create tunnels.  Although tunnels were time and labor intensive, they were preferable to constructing steep mountain passes or routing trains over dangerous bridge crossings. Learn more about how the railroad engineers built tunnels through mountains.  Resources