Edward Ivinson and the 1892 Wyoming Election

The year was 1892, and the Wyoming Republican Party was in trouble. Who better to run for governor than Edward Ivinson, a successful banker with enough cash to finance his own campaign?

However, just like in today’s long, drawn out and negative elections, the Democratic press in Wyoming “made mincemeat” of the inexperienced Ivinson, tying him to the Johnson County war. They also mocked him for his poor speaking abilities. Wherever they could, newspapers across Wyoming territory ridiculed Ivinson. Even his hometown publication, the Boomerang, likened his image to that of the devil. Worst of all, it printed mock ballots before the November election already filled in for Ivinson’s Democratic opponent, John Osborne.  Osborne won the election.

It would be many years before Edward Ivinson would set foot into the political arena once again. In 1918, Ivinson was elected mayor of Laramie. This time, however, the Boomerang had nothing but praise for the 88-year-old.

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