Our cavalryman code

  1. All servers must wear a mask.
  2. Sanitation device at host desk and bathroom entrance.
  3. Maintain 6’ between all guests seated at tables.
  4. All table items will be sanitized between seatings.
  5. Staff must spray and wipe all menus with sanitizer after each use.
  6. Waiting area limited to 1 party at a time, all others will be prompted to wait in the Lounge.
  7. A dedicated staff member will clear tables and reset them.
  8. Staff will sanitize all tables, chairs, door handles, bathrooms, and floors before opening and after closing.
  9. All staff to undergo a temperature check before clocking in.
  10. Staff will maintain a record of all guests and date of dining.
  11. All ‘ready to eat’ foods must be handled with gloved hands only.
  12. No parties over 6 guests at a time, for larger tables, we will split them into 2 tables.