Trappers and Native American History

Chief Washakie

Chief Washakie  (1804—1900) was a Shoshone chief who performed extraordinary acts of friendship for white settlers while exhibiting tremendous prowess as a warrior against his people’s tribal enemies. When wagon trains were passing through Shoshone country in the 1850s, Washakie and his people aided the overland travelers in fording streams and recovering strayed cattle. He was … Continue reading Chief Washakie


Kit Carson

Kit Carson  (1809-1868) Christopher Houston “Kit” Carson (Dec. 24, 1809 – May 23, 1868) was an American explorer, guide, fur trapper, Indian agent, rancher, and soldier who traveled through the southwestern and western United States. Carson became a frontier legend in his lifetime through biographies and news articles written about his adventures. Exaggerated versions of his … Continue reading Kit Carson


Jim Beckwourth

James Pierson Beckwourth (1798 -1866) was an African-American mountain man, fur trader and explorer. Beckwourth’s mother was an enslaved African-American and his father, Sir Jennings Beckwourth, was the slave owner who acknowledged the son they shared. As a fur trapper, young Beckwourth lived with the Crow tribe for a number of years and is credited with the discovery … Continue reading Jim Beckwourth