1907 Fire

Headline, Laramie Boomerang, May 17, 1907
Headline, Laramie Boomerang, May 17, 1907

On May 16, 1907, patrons of the Kuster Hotel observed flames coming from Peterson’s Tailor shop. The Laramie Fire Department was called and the call box at the corner of Thornburg and 2nd Street was activated. Although, the fire department arrived within a few short minutes, the fire was shortly out of control.

Headlines in the next day’s Daily Boomerang indicated the scope of the disaster: the fire extended from Thornburg north to University and from 2nd Street to the alley. Among the businesses destroyed were Kingford’s Cigar Store, Peterson’s Tailor Shop, Eggleston’s cigar store, Miller’s jewelry store, Carter’s jewelry, the Home Restaurant and the Daily Boomerang office and job room.

The Daily Boomerang noted that the monetary damage was not as great as first imagined when reporters where observing the flames approaching their offices.

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